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So I Did a Thing

When I left teaching more than three years ago, I was in a state of despair and fatigue. I had poured my all into it, watching my students thrive but also watching my family deteriorate. Some snafus at the school and some impending administrative changes didn't help was time to be done, at least where I was at.

I did a thing. Or, rather, over the last four months I did a thing. I dusted off my teaching license...err, I got my teaching license renewed, jumping through the educational and monetary hoops that go along with that. I went ahead and got two additional endorsements tacked on to my license, a process I had started five years ago.

Now, I am an unemployed teacher again looking for work. Well, I am employed gainfully in an industry that promises a lot more money and stability in the long term than does teaching. I am good at what I do yet still learning at an impressive clip. But I am done with it, or hopefully will be soon.

I was a good teacher before. My students showed strong growth. I taught them kindness, along with a heap of life lessons. I cared for them.

When I broke it to my principal that I wasn't going to teach any longer, he playfully quipped back, "Why, Vince, I have watched you over the years and you've gotten really good at teaching. Whatever will you do if it isn't teaching?" I figured that out, and in figuring that out, I also figured out that teaching is my thing. I'm back, and I'm here to stay.

With any luck, I will have the time to routinely contribute to this blog. Feel free to follow along!

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