I am passionate about a lot of things, teaching, writing, data, gardening, and learning new things to name a few.  I spent four years in the Air Force and have done a variety of analyst jobs when I am not teaching.  Currently a business analyst working on a medical claims adjudication system, I hope to eventually get back into teaching.  Versatile by anyone's standards, I am endorsed to teach elementary school, special education, English language acquisition, physical education, and secondary English and social studies.  Having recently spent five years teaching literature and writing to sophomores, I am excited to try my hand at teaching elementary school or special education, or to simply venture back into a secondary English or social studies classroom.

I was that shy kid sitting in the back of the room hoping the teacher would never call on him, so what drives me as a teacher is the hope that I can help others shake off their insecurities so they can be the boldest, most inquisitive, kindest, smartest people that they are capable of being.  I strive to create lifelong learners and independent thinkers.

About Me